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GrandConquer Classic Conquer

EXP 15x, Drop 10x, Prof/Skills 2x - Renewal - Version 5095
(incl. Classic game-play, Old quests and PVP events)
A truly classic server without any of the gimmicks such as nobility, new classes etc. We offer a clean game interface that is free of bugs and visually enhanced for better graphics. Our server has been developed from scratch, programmed and tested over many months.

Heavily customized game client. With hundreds of bug fixes, our client is like no other. We are here to bring your good memories back which we used to enjoy! - All made by using a classic 2.0 client.

Together, we make it happen!

GrandConquer Features
GrandConquer offers a wide range of features that will amaze you!

High-rate Renewal Server

PVE Quests

Old Quests

Gang Squad

PVP Events

Super/Elite Guild Wars

All The Help You Need

Warming UP